Joint message by the APA Co-Chairs and SB Chairs on the launch of work in Bangkok

3 September 2018

1.    The objective of the Bangkok session, as we outlined in our joint reflections note, is to reach an agreed basis for negotiations, reflecting clear and streamlined options, and with sufficient detail for the outcome of the session to be swiftly turned into draft decision text.

2.    The session in Bangkok focusing on all PAWP items is the final leg of the journey to the completion and adoption of the full suite of implementation guidelines, which will ensure the Paris Agreement is fully functional in Katowice. 

3.    We affirm we will approach our responsibilities as presiding officers with a real sense of urgency, with a clear understanding of the need to work closely together, and using coordinated approaches to ensure the session can achieve its objective. 

4.    We made a start in this direction by publishing a joint reflection note. This allowed us to better align our approaches to and expectations for the session.

5.    For the first time, we convened joint consultations with groups of Parties during the pre-sessional period. Having listened to the views expressed in these consultations, we have a clear sense that our proposed objective for and approach to the session is shared and supported by Parties.

6.    Indeed, a number of Parties urged us to set the bar even higher for this session and expressed their wish to see several iterations of documents over the course of the week, to ensure the product(s) of the session allow Parties to understand the totality of the Katowice package, and to produce a Party-owned basis for negotiations, including draft decision text wherever possible.

7.    As presiding officers, we support these aspirations and emphasize that it is our firm intention to ensure the outcome in Katowice is comprehensive, encompassing all PAWP items and leaving no mandated issues behind. 

8.    As part of our approach to the session, the SB Chairs propose to strengthen the coherence of their conclusions and ensure compatibility with those developed by the APA. They will therefore consult Parties on this approach, including through meetings of heads of delegation. In collaboration with the APA Co-Chairs, they will seek to develop harmonized procedural conclusions on the way forward across the SBSTA, the SBI and the APA.

9.    We appreciate the trust and confidence expressed by Parties and will do our utmost effort to create an environment conducive to significant progress here in Bangkok.

10.    We can only succeed in Katowice if we succeed here and now in Bangkok.