Global Climate Action Events

As part of our vision to spur ambition, we directly orchestrate, convene or support a number of key ‘moments’ throughout the course of the year.

The intention behind engaging in these events is to build a new form of inclusive multilateralism that is vital to achieving our goals, specifically with regard to the urgent implementation of the Paris Agreement.

In this way, events are a palpable demonstration that rising numbers of new voices from governments, cities, states, business, civil society and multilateral organizations are taking collaborative and transformational action (this includes alignment with achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and unlocking financial flows) to foster and inspire even more action.

Most importantly, we want to show that this action is happening at both a global and regional level, which is why our landmark events include, not just the international climate negotiations, but also the Regional Climate Weeks, and more.

In this new section of the Climate Action website, you will find detailed information about all the current and upcoming events that we are involved in.