Solomon Islands, ITRI: Leveraging innovative technology RD&D for mobilizing international resources towards Talanoa pledges
HCWH - Mobilizing Climate Action for Health and Health Action for Climate
Abibimman Foundation - Noam Chomsky - Political Betrayal => Mobilizing Action
European Climate Foundation - Laurence Tubiana comments on the status of negotiations
BCCIC - Canadian Youth Press Conference
PRC, ACJP: Financing Loss and Damage in LDCs
ISO, IAF, IEMA: Using International Standards for driving action, performance and transition on climate change
IFP, Morocco: Underpinning ambitious NDCs –policy instruments compatible with a 1.5°C emissions pathway
UiB: From the Arctic to the Pacific – Ocean and Climate Connections (Norway's official side event)
WR, Greece: The Paris Agreement and the Nexus of water, energy and food: Policy coherence and serious games
Friends of the Earth International - Analysis
IPO Daily Coordination Meeting
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation - Accelerating Consensus and Action for 1.5 Degrees
NRDC - Open letter on NGO Green Cooling Network
JVE - Koronivia Joint work on Agriculture
FYEG - Green evaluation of the progress at COP24
AVINA - Adaptation knowledge gaps for decision making in Latin America
Third World Network - What the world needs to know about COP24
European Union
Canada Green Party - Ms. Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader, on behalf of the Global Greens, addresses COP delegates
World Resources Institute - Briefing on Latest Negotiating Text
Stocktaking plenary
UNITAR - Climate Change Education for Primary and Secondary Schools in the United Kingdom
Presidency open-ended consultation on Article 15
6th CMP Plenary (non PAWP agenda items) (upon conclusion of COP plenary)
7th COP Plenary (non PAWP agenda items)
Presidency open-ended ministerial consultation on finance
Environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGO)
Ministerial consultations on cooperative implementation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (Art. 6.2, Art. 6.4 and Art. 6.8)
CAN International
AVD - Citizens Climate Dialogue: outcomes and way forward
CEN - Road to Paris Agreement work programme; tracking of COP24 negotiations
350.org - A New Milestone for the Divestment Movement - Trends in the Finance Sector for Climate Action
Oil Change International
NRDC - Policy Research and Case Analysis on the Renewable Energy Development of ASEAN Countries
University of California - Last Stand for Rainbow Ridge – North Coast California community challenges Forest Stewardship Council logging certification policy
Australian Youth Climate Coalition - Youth Call for Climate Action Now!
UC Revelle - Insufficient mitigation efforts and the need for increased emphasis on research on solar geoengineering
Cornell University - Building Resiliency and Climate Action
PACJA - Concluding statements from Africa CSOs on COP 24 in Poland
Ethiopia - Climate Vulnerable Forum
European Union
European Youth Forum - Call to Action
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation - Socially and Economically Just Adaptation, Mitigation, and Response
World Resources Institute
Ministerial consultations on cooperative implementation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (Art. 6.2, Art. 6.4 and Art. 6.8)
Katowice, UNESCO City of Music - Zośka
Driving the Energy Transition through Innovation
The Future is Now! Industry artistically involved
GCCA - The end of climate contrarianism