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Regional Workshop on CDM and NAMAs for Latin America and the Caribbean


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Regional Workshop on CDM and NAMAs for Latin America and the Caribbean
31 August - 2 September 2014, Bogota, Colombia


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 Day 1

 Plenary 1: State of play - CDM and NAMAs

 Status of negotiations on NAMAs

 UNFCCC secretariat

 Status of negotiations on CDM

 UNFCCC secretariat

Contribution to global climate action
its successes and further contribution


Plenary 2:  Institutional Arrangements

 Roles and structure of Designated National Authorities (DNAs)

 UNFCCC secretariat

 DNA Guatemala


 DNA Dominican republic

 Dominican Republic

 Robust institutional arrangements for national mitigation efforts

 UNEP DTU Partnership

 Colombia's national institutional arrangements


 Utilizing the existing CDM institutional arrangements for NAMAs

 UNFCCC secretariat

 Break out session 1: National Approval Process / NAMA Registry

 Group 1: National Approval Process
 - Challenges faced in the process of issuing LoAs and their resolution

 Argentina / Panama

 Group 2: NAMA Registry
 - Update, Role of registry, Areas of improvement


Plenary 3: Enhancement of participation of stakeholders key to success of mitigation

 Practices and principles for successful stakeholder engagement

Fundacion de Iniciativas de
Cambio Climatico de Honduras

 Current rules and procedures under the CDM

 UNFCCC secretariat

A DNA's perspective on their experience on stakeholder consultation


 Break out session 2: Local Stakeholder Consultation Process + Financing

 Group 1: Local Stakeholder Consultation Process   
 - What are the DNA requirements (DNA Colombia)
 - What are the DNA requirements (DNA Uruguay)

Experiences from a different angle and ensuring engagement
of local communities



MGM Innova


 Group 2: Financing
Investment approaches for leveraging financing from private sector

 World bank

 Day 2

Plenary 4: Finance and technical support

Overview of financial sources and access modalities for mitigation actions,
including support for CDM and NAMAs


CDM Loan Scheme: Who and how to apply for a loan and latest updates
on the loan beneficiaries


Financial engineering, including investment approaches for leveraging
private sector financing for mitigation actions

 World bank

 Donor  perspective on funding transformational mitigation actions

Technical support  for transformational mitigation actions

 NAMA Facility


 Plenary 5: Sustainable Development co-benefits of mitigation actions

Mitigation in the context of national sustainable development


 Reporting on Sustainable Development co-benefits using the new CDM SD Tool
and opportunities for monitoring to enhance the profile of CDM projects
and CER price: what the buyers want!

 UNFCCC secretariat

 The experience of a DNA assessing and monitoring SD benefits


 Break out session 3: Sustainable Development

 Group 2: SD for NAMAs
- Sustainable Development co-benefits of NAMAs: identification, reporting and monitoring

 UNEP DTU / Harald Diaz-Bone

 Plenary 6: Standardized Baselines

Submission and post-submission steps of standardized baseline
evaluation and approval

 UNFCCC secretariat

 Using CDM experiences to develop NAMAs

 UNFCCC secretariat

 Break out session 4: Standardized baselines

 Group 2: In person assistance for DNAs to provide support for new standardized baseline submissions 
How complete the proposed standardized baseline submission form  



 Day 3

 Plenary 7: PoA / MRV

Latest updates on PoA rules

 UNFCCC secretariat

National MRV systems (651 kB) 

National MRV system



 From PoAs to NAMAs

 UNFCCC secretariat

 NAMA ex ante/ex post evaluation framework

 World Bank

 Break out session 5: PoA  and NAMA Marketplace

 Group 1: PoA development and promotion
How could DNAs promote and support the development of PoAs?


 Group discussion
The LoA issuance process for a PoA, specific challenges and best practices


 Group 2: NAMA marketplace

Panel discussion for international support for NAMAs and LEDS

 Poster presentation (1343 kB)

 Poster presentation (1046 kB)




 Plenary 8: Way Forward

The role of CDM and NAMAs in pre-2020 and post 2020 climate regime

Arbelaez, Centro
Andino para la Economía
en el Medio Ambiente (CAEMA)

 CDM: Enhancing demand and improving supply

 UNFCCC secretariat