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Expert meeting
NAP Expo 2013: Launching of the NAP process in LDCs


10:00 - 18:15


Beethovenhalle, 16 Wachsbleiche






NAP Expo: Launching of the NAP process in LDCs


The NAP Expo was held as an event to catalyse the launching of the national adaptation plan (NAP) process at the national level in least developed countries (LDCs).

It was conducted by the LDC Expert Group (LEG), with the support of the secretariat and in collaboration with relevant organizations.  It took place in conjunction with the thirty-eighth session of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation (SBI) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).


At COP 17, the LEG was mandated to provide technical guidance and support to the NAP process in LDCs (decision  5/CP.17, paragraph 13).  SBI 37 requested the LEG, with the support of the secretariat and in collaboration with relevant organizations, to organize an LDC NAP event in conjunction with the thirty-eighth session of the SBI, taking into account its existing priority activities with respect to the LDC work programme (FCCC/SBI/2012/33, paragraph 65).


Using the technical guidelines for the NAP process that were prepared by the LEG as a basis, the NAP Expo aimed to:

  • Promote a common understanding of the NAP process by going through the NAP guidelines;

  • Provide an opportunity for the LDCs to communicate their plans for the formulation of NAPs;

  • Provide a platform for Parties, agencies and organizations to share information on their support to the LDCs on NAPs;

  • Offer a forum for the exchange of experience and best practices on planning, prioritizing and implementation of adaptation.

The LEG welcomed the participation of representatives from LDCs and other Parties, the GEF and its agencies, adaptation practitioners, organizations, development agencies, regional centres and networks, as well as individual experts.

Agenda and presentations  

NAP Expo

9 June, Beethovenhalle, Bonn



10:00-10:30 Session I

Moderator: Pepetua Latasi, Chair of the LEG




Remarks by Tomasz Chruszczow, Chair of the SBI


Remarks by Prakash Mathema, Chair of the LDC Group


Remarks by Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC

10:30-13:00 Session II

Moderator: Marianne Karlsen, LEG member

NAP process and guidelines 




Questions and answers



14:00-15:00 Session III

Moderator: Batu Uprety, Vice Chair of the LEG

Presentations by the LDCs



Presentations by LDCs on strategies and road maps for their NAP process:



15:00-16:00 Session IV

Moderator: Batu Uprety, Vice Chair of the LEG

Support to the NAP process



Presentations on support to the NAP process

Global Environment Facility:

  • GEF: response to COP mandates on NAP support under the LDCF, Bonizella Biagini


UN agencies and organizations:



16:00-16:15 Session V

Wrap-up and closing remarks

16:15-17:15 Session VI

Informal interactions between the LDCs and the LEG/agencies/organizations


Background documents

NAP technical guidlines: high / low resolution

The NAP process: a brief overview

NAP poster

Flyer for the NAP Expo




Mandated event