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Expert meeting
Meeting in Dublin of Expert Group on Technology Transfer


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The Expert Group on Technology Transfer (EGTT) met from 21-23 October in Dublin, the fourth and final meeting of the Group this year. The Group discussed the interim reports which have been produced on three key issues:

  • Performance indicators for technology development and transfer

  • Identification and analysis of existing and new financing resources and relevant vehicles for the development and transfer of technologies

  • Long-term strategy to support the development and transfer of technologies

The report on performance indicators includes a proposed list of candidate performance indicators following the five key themes of the technology transfer framework as mandated in Bali. The EGTT reviewed the overall suggested approach and criteria for selecting the indicators, and agreed to reduce the proposed indicators to a manageable number. The Group noted that the experience with developing the performance indicators could serve as an input to the work of the Ad hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention (AWG-LCA).

The interim report on financing options for the development and transfer of technologies presents several new data. It illustrates the current situation of financing technology transfer by stages of technological maturity (R&D, demonstration, deployment and diffusion), by specific technologies and by sources (outside and inside the Convention). It also summarizes up-to-date estimations of additional financial needs to scale-up technology transfer from various sources, and gives a number of insights on gaps per type of finance, as well as barriers to financing technology transfer.

The report as it stands provides only information on financing mitigation technologies; the Group decided to accelerate its work on financing technologies for adaptation and to provide information on this matter prior to Poznań. The Group will finalize the background paper on recommendations for future financing options and risk mitigation tools necessary to enhance the implementation of the Convention with regard to the technology transfer framework ahead of the next meeting of the AWG-LCA from 29 March to 8 April 2009.

The EGTT is developing strategies for R&D, deployment, demonstration and diffusion of technologies and on an integrated long-term strategy which will be completed early next year. Work is still being done on specific elements for each step. The next meeting of the Group in February 2009 will further advance work on these three issues, which could provide useful input to the next session of the AWG-LCA on the discussion of technology.

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