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Durban Forum on Capacity-building - 6th Meeting - Guiding questions


01:00 - 00:59


Forum SA Trading




South Africa

Guiding Questions

Breakout group 1: Enhancing human, institutional and systemic capacities to design adaptation interventions in the context of NAPs and NDCs

  • Which human, institutional and systemic capacity gaps exist with regard to designing adaptation interventions and implementing them (for example, in terms of conducting risk analyses, preparing strategies, plans and (sub-)national policies that integrate climate change risks and opportunities, incorporating climate considerations into investment decision-making processes, or developing pipelines of investment-ready projects)?

  • What can be done to address the capacity gaps and bottlenecks identified above? (If possible, identify tools and methodologies and a way forward for different stakeholders, including different levels of government, private sector entities, financial institutions and adaptation programme administering bodies.)

Breakout group 2: Enhancing capacity to access finance for adaptation

  • In which areas do developing countries lack capacities for accessing finance?

  • How can those capacity gaps be best addressed, and what are the necessary steps that need to be taken at the local and national level to enhance access to adaptation finance?

Breakout group 3: Strengthening the engagement of non-Party stakeholders to support capacity-building needed in the context of NAPs and NDCs

  • In which areas can non-Party stakeholders best support capacity building in developing countries in the context of NAPs and NDCs, and how can these actors be better engaged?

  • Do the non-Party stakeholders identified require any capacity-building themselves to better support the design and implementation of NAPs and NDCs in developing countries? If so, how can their capacity-building needs be met?

  • How can developing countries strengthen capacities to foster networks and enhance collaboration with academia and research centres for the purpose of adaptation activities?