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Expert meeting
Biennial Reports and National Communications Lead Reviewers Meetings


09:00 - 18:00


United Nations Campus





First Meeting of Lead Reviewers for the review of Biennial Reports and National Communications, 6–7 March 2014, Bonn, Germany

Annual meetings of the lead reviewers for GHG inventories, BRs and NCs have the objective to consider issues raised in the reviews to facilitate the work of lead reviewers in fulfilling their task to ensure consistency in the reviews across Parties.

Lead reviewers should ensure that the reviews in which they participate are performed by each ERT according to the relevant review guidelines and consistently across Parties. They should also ensure the quality and objectivity of the thorough and comprehensive technical examinations in the reviews and provide for the continuity, comparability and timeliness of the reviews.
With the administrative support of the secretariat, lead reviewers shall, for each review:
(a) Ensure that the reviewers have all of the necessary information provided by the secretariat prior to the review;
(b) Monitor the progress of the review;
(c) Coordinate the submission of queries of the ERT to the Party under review and coordinate the inclusion of the answers in the review report;
(d) Provide technical advice to the members of the ERT, if needed;
(e) Ensure that the review is performed and the review report is prepared in accordance with these guidelines;
(f) Ensure that the ERT gives priority to issues raised in previous review reports.




Biennial reports and National Communications: Review requirements and approach (882 kB) - Barbara Muik, UNFCCC secretariat

Review report template for reviews of NC6 and BR1 (143 kB)  - Inkar Kadyrzhanova, UNFCCC secretariat

Supplemental tools to facilitate the international assessment and review (IAR) process:
Data Interface and Synthesis & Analysis
 (258 kB)  - Daniel Hooper, UNFCCC secretariat

Biennial Reports and National Communications Virtual Team Room (BR VTR) application (826 kB)  - Bernd Hackmann, UNFCCC secretariat
Planning for Multilateral Assessment under International Assessment and Review (IAR) (351 kB)  - Xuehong Wang, UNFCCC secretariat


Training seminar on review of Biennial Reports and National Communications of Annex I Parties

Introduction (1566 kB)  - Javier Hanna, UNFCCC secretariat

Guidelines and process for the review of NC and BR (397 kB)  - Xuehong Wang, UNFCCC secretariat

Targets, policies and measures, their effects and contribution to achieving those targets (1357 kB)  - Sylvie Marchand, UNFCCC secretariat

GHG emission trends and projections (404 kB)  - Barbara Muik, UNFCCC secretariat

Provision of financial, technological and capacity building support (1139 kB)  - Ruta Bubniene, UNFCCC secretariat

Agenda (158 kB)  List of Participants (122 kB)  Conclusions and Recommendations (138 kB)  Information sheet (509 kB)