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Bare essentials: A toolkit for new delegates
Delegates at Bonn session

The UNFCCC architecture and processes are built on over two decades of work by the world's governments and over half a century of scientific measurement and observation. It is a multifaceted process set up to tackle a highly complex problem. Each of us at the secretariat was a "newbie" to the climate change regime once, and we understand that your first few sessions as representatives of your governments, organizations and groups can be intimidating. So we've put together the essential documents you may want to bring with you to your first sessions, which would help you pick up quickly and follow the proceedings.
Essential Documents

These are largely your "key texts" and basic background documents.

Essential Updates

You need these either just before the sessions to have a rough idea of what to expect, and/or during the sessions to have an idea of what's going on.

  • Provisional agendas (available on the website before the session)
  • Notes from the Chair (same as above)
  • Daily Programme (the day's programme as it stands first thing in the morning, available from the documents counter)
  • Third-party assessments of the previous day's proceedings. The three most popular are IISD's Earth Negotiations Bulletin, ECO by Climate Action Network (representing the ENGOs), and TWN by the Third World Network. (These tend to be distributed alongside other third-party material.)
Essential Apps and Online

If you have a laptop or smart phone, these should help keep you in the loop on up-to-the-minute news.