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Membership of the LEG

The LEG is constituted of 13 experts (Decisions 29/CP.7 and 6/CP.16), as follows:

(a) Five from African LDC Parties;
(b) Two from Asian LDC Parties;
(c) Two from small island LDC Parties;
(d) One from an LDC Party;
(e) Three from Annex II Parties.

Current members are:

Mr. Abias Huongo, Angola (Africa) - Chair and Lusophone rapporteur
Mr. Erwin Künzi, Austria (Annex II)
Mr. Ibila Djibril, Benin (Africa)
Ms. Sonam Lhaden Khandu, Bhutan (Asia) - Vice-chair
Ms. Beth Lavender, Canada (Annex II)
Mr. Adrian Fitzgerald, Ireland (Annex II)
Mr. Benon Yassin, Malawi (Africa) - Anglophone rapporteur
Mr. Naresh Sharma, Nepal (Asia)
Mr. Aderito Santana, Sao Tome and Principe (SIDS)
Mr. Brian Phillips, Vanuatu (SIDS)
Mr. Fredrick Manyika, Tanzania (Africa)

List of past members of the LEG

Last updated 19 August 2016

Information on the election and membership of the bodies of the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol here