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Least Developed Countries

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Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) stocktaking meeting on the preparation and implementation of National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA)
Bangkok, Thailand,
3- 5 September 2007
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Background information on LDCs

UNFCCC official documents related to LDCs


COP 13 Decisions

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Latest documents:
Report of Fourteenth Meeting of the LEG  (FCCC/SBI/2008/14)
Submission on the LDCF at SBI 29 (FCCC/SBI/2008/Misc.8)
LEG Stocktaking meeting (FCCC/SBI/2007/32)

 SBI conclusions on LDCs

SBI documents on LDCs



    Related Documents

Fourteenth Meeting of the LEG Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA  FCCC/SBI/2008/14
Thirteenth Meeting of the LEG Sana'a, YEMEN   FCCC/SBI/2008/6
Twelfth Meeting of the LEG Bangkok, THAILAND    FCCC/SBI/2007/31

LEG Stocktaking meeting on progress made by
Parties in NAPA preparation and implementation

Bangkok, THAILAND 


Eleventh meeting of the LEG Honoria, SOLOMON  ISLANDS                FCCC/SBI/2007/12         
Tenth Meeting of the LEG  Kampala, UGANDA  FCCC/SBI/2006/23
 Ninth Meeting of the LEG  Dhaka, BANGLADESH  FCCC/SBI/2006/9
 Eighth Meeting of the LEG  Tarawa, KIRIBATI  FCCC/SBI/2005/20
Seventh Meeting of the LEG  Bonn, GERMANY    FCCC/SBI/2005/12
Sixth Meeting of the LEG  Banjul, GAMBIA   FCCC/SBI/2004/17
Fifth Meeting of the LEG  Maputo, MOZAMBIQUE FCCC/SBI/2004/3

Fourth Meeting of the LEG,(LEG fist term)

 Timphu, BHUTAN  FCCC/SBI/2003/16
Third Meeting of the LEG  Apia, SAMOA     FCCC/SBI/2003/6
Second Meeting of the LEG and Workshop on
Capacity-Building for NAPA Preparation
 Dhaka, BANGLADESH  FCCC/SBI/2002/Inf.16
 First Meeting of the LEG    Arusha, TANZANIA  FCCC/SBI/2002/5

Workshop to develop draft guidelines for the
preparation of National Adapation Programme
of Action (NAPA)

 Kampala, uganda  FCCC/SBI/2001/7

Other relevant COP Decisions


LDC National Communications

LDC Expert Group (LEG)



- UNEP - Worksheets and Technical Notes for Preparation of NAPA
- GEF - NAPAs - GEF Operational Guidelines
- UN-OHRLLS - LDCs Profile

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