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The Joint Liaison Group

At SBSTA 14 (August 2001), the formation of a Joint Liaison Group (JLG) between the secretariats of the CBD, the UNFCCC and the UNCCD was endorsed, with the aim to enhance coordination between the three conventions and to explore options for further cooperation.

At the eleventh meeting of the JLG, the Terms of Reference and Modus Operandi of the JLG were adopted.

 Summary Reports of the JLG
 pdf-icon Report (219 kB)  Report of the twelfth meeting of the JLG

 Bonn, 22 January 2013

 pdf-icon Report (184 kB)  Report of the eleventh meeting of the JLG

 Bonn, 11 April 2011

 pdf-icon Report (165 kB)  Report of the tenth meeting of the JLG

New York, 23 September 2010

pdf-icon Report (65 kB)  Report of the ninth meeting of the JLG

 New York, 14 May 2009

pdf-icon Report (107 kB)  Report of the eighth meeting of the JLG

 Madrid, 12 September 2007

pdf-icon Report (134 kB)  Report of the seventh meeting of the JLG

 Bonn, 7 June 2007

pdf-icon Report (42 kB)  Report of the fifth meeting of the JLG

 Bonn, 30 January 2004

pdf-icon Report  (19 kB)  Report of the fourth meeting of the JLG

 Bonn, 19 May 2003

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