Gabrielle Ginér

Head of Environmental Sustainability, BT Group

Gabrielle Ginér has worked on BT’s responsible and sustainable business programmes since 2009, specialising in environmental sustainability. Her work has spanned BT’s carbon targets, including BT’s recent 1.5 degrees Celsius science-based carbon reduction target, BT’s net positive carbon abatement target to help customers save three times the end-to-end carbon impact of BT’s business, ICT’s carbon abatement potential including the acclaimed GeSI SMARTer2030 report and BT supply chain engagement such as the award winning BT Better Future Supplier Forum and BT’s newly introduced sustainability contract clause.

Gabrielle is committed to helping organisations take action to tackle climate change and represents BT in external fora such as WBCSD, We Mean Business and the UNFCCC Momentum for Change Advisory Panel. She is a regular speaker and writer about BT’s climate action journey, and has been participating in the UN’s Talanoa dialogue representing the voice of business.

Prior to joining BT’s sustainability team, Gabrielle held roles in regulatory and public affairs and programme management. She has an MSc in Telecommunications Business (University College London), an MA in International Economics and Relations (SAIS Johns Hopkins University) and a BA in International Relations/Asian Studies. She is also an alumnus of the University of Cambridge Sustainability Leadership Programme and is currently on the WBCSD Leadership Programme.