Youth-led Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation for Sustainable Urban Development – Cameroon

This project is giving urban youth in Cameroon the chance to recycle metal waste into energy-efficient cook stoves. “Youth-led Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation for Sustainable Urban Development” helps young people make money while reducing the demand for wood fuel.

The problem

The demand for firewood is threatening forest resources and biodiversity in Cameroon. Many households in Cameroon’s city of Bamenda use traditional cooking practices that are highly pollutive. The emission of carbon monoxide and the accumulation of metal waste are some of the many environmental issues Bamenda faces.


The solution

This project arms youth in Bamenda with the skills and knowledge to produce energy-efficient cookers out of scrap metal. It recruits and trains the urban youth to collect waste, which is then transformed into cooking devices they can sell.

Helping the planet

Recycling metal waste addresses the city’s trash problem. Similarly, developing efficient cooking devices reduces the demand for firewood. This translates into the conservation of forests, including the plant and animal species they support.


Helping people

Youth are empowered to attain self-employment, while all city residents benefit from less air pollution and trash. The use of more efficient stoves lessens the amount of smoke, making for healthier kitchens in Bamenda.


Spillover effect

The project’s mission can be expected to spread, as people are sensitized to the need for fuel efficiency. One specific goal of this project is to network with at least five cities to share best practices.



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