Momentum for Change Energy recovery from animal and agricultural waste

Focus area: Mitigation
Location: Atlantida, Honduras
Established:  October 2011

The activity aims to process animal and agricultural waste through the use of bio-digesters in order to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

More specifically, the activity:
- Reduces the consumption of firewood, electricity and fossil fuels, while addressing poverty in 16 regions in Honduras;
- Strengthens local capacity to address climate change through training workshops;
- Encourages collaboration between the national and local governments in mitigating climate change.

Mitigation / Adaptation

Social and environmental benefits

Potential for scaling-up and replication

Even though the activity is currently in its pilot phase, it has already reduced methane and carbon dioxide emissions.

The activity has provided renewable energy through biogas which has helped the community receive access to heat and electricity. The conversion of organic waste into high quality fertilizer has improved the living conditions of the communities in the pilot area. For example, it has provided significant savings on energy consumption and has reduced diseases, especially among women, children and the elderly.

The activity has significant potential for scaleability and replication. Through the use of online learning materials, it has already promoted the deployment of this waste reduction technology throughout municipalities in Honduras and Latin America.