Momentum for Change Energy Efficient Stove in Tofu Small Scale Industry

Focus areas: Adaptation; Mitigation
Website: http://
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Established: March 2011

The activity aims to build resilience and reduce Indonesia's fuel consumption through the use of an energy efficient tofu stove.

The production of tofu requires significant fuel consumption, especially in the boiling process. The energy efficient stove reduces the cost of fuel while and mitigating CO2 emissions.

Mitigation / Adaptation

Social and environmental benefits

Potential for scaling-up and replication

The combustion in a conventional stove will emit more greenhouse gases (GHG) which contribute to climate change. Besides that, the fuel utilization from wood will decrease the forest quality, and the fuel utilization from fossil fuel will decrease the natural resources which is not a renewable sources.

The implementation of the energy efficient stove has provided two concrete benefits two the community:           

- It has reduced the production cost in fuel utilization, increasing overall productivity and efficiency;
- It has improved air quality by reducing deforestation activities.

The efficient stove technology has a strong potential for replication and scaleability in throughout Indonesia. It improves the performance of the conventional stove through a total saving of 44.64% from business-as-usual or 440 m3 wood per month.