Ecomujeres: Helping Women Make Carbon-Neutral Choices - Argentina

The Ecomujeres campaign is spurring women to make carbon-neutral choices in their everyday lives. Through webpages, radio shows, exhibitions, and events like a green film festival, the Ecomujeres campaign is educating women about sustainability and promoting long-lasting changes in behavior.

Fast facts:

  • 1 million people reached through participation in environmental festivals

  • 500,000 listeners for weekly radio show “Somos Nosotros”

  • 50,000 participants in Greenfilmfest

The problem

People living in industrialized countries have a disproportionately large carbon footprint – that is, their lifestyles and consumption habits result in a higher amount of carbon emissions than people in developing countries. Industrialized societies need to undergo a transformation, in order to slow down climate change that can have disastrous effects for the entire world. But even if they do want to help, regular people in industrialized countries often feel powerless, and don’t believe that actions they take on climate change can have an effect.


The solution
Ecomujeres is spreading the message that women can easily reduce their carbon footprint by consciously changing their consumption habits – and that this can have a large net impact. Since women make most purchasing and consumption decisions for the family and at work, the campaign is targeting them as essential players for the transformation needed in people’s daily habits.

Through a multitude of channels, Ecomujeres – based in Argentina’s capital city of Buenos Aires – is reaching out to millions about sustainable behavior and promoting lower-carbon consumption. These channels include an environmental film festival, participation in public events like Earth Day, environmental exhibitions, undergraduate and graduate programs, public workshops, radio shows, and a television documentary, among others.

Helping the planet

If women were to consider their carbon footprint and adopt more sustainable habits, this would result in fewer natural resources consumed, less energy wasted, and less carbon emissions. Convincing women to change their consumption habits could result in a great total reduction of emissions, preventing further climate change.


Helping people

Ecomujeres’ campaign includes the message that if women rethink and reshape their daily habits, this does not mean reducing quality of life. Rather, raising consciousness around sustainability translates into a healthier environment, which provides an overall increase in quality of life for everyone.


Spillover effect

Ecomujeres’ strategy of using different channels to spread the carbon-neutral concept has reached a large number of people with a relatively small budget. The campaign could be expanded in various Latin American countries – indeed, this is already being explored.



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