GCA at COP 22

Schedule of events (136 kB) 16 Nov 2016

Reports by the facilitators to the high-level champions

Marrakech Partnership For Global Climate Action (733 kB)

The Marrakech call is loud and clear: nothing can stop global climate action. At the same time, there is universal recognition that if we are to realise the goals of the Paris Agreement, we must all go further and faster in delivering climate action before 2020, enabled by adequate flows of finance, technology and capacity building. The following document provides the way forward through the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action.

Open-ended discussions on the Technical Examination Processes (85 kB)

In Paris the Champions were mandated to guide the secretariat in organising technical examination meetings, and Parties now have requested the Champions to exercise this mandate. The note below presents in an open and transparent manner the concerns which have been expressed to date and outlines some options that Parties may wish to consider in further discussing this issue.

Reflections on the way forward (396 kB)

On 28 October, the champions shared their reflections on the way forward to Parties and non-Party stakeholders in order to prepare for Global Climate Action at COP 22.