I am a Citizen

Nearly everything we do, from driving a car to producing food, releases greenhouse gases, and therefore contributes to aggravating the climate change phenomenon.

But each of us can do something about it.

An easy way to address our individual climate footprints is to take the Citizens Climate Pledge

Signing the pledge means that you want to do your part in the fight against climate change by taking the following three simple steps:

1. Measure. Our online calculator will help you to measure your climate footprint. The calculator takes into account parameters such as energy use, travels, eating and consumption habits, etc. It will give you a better understanding of how much greenhouse gas your daily activities represent. Then;

2. Reduce. Once you have this information, you will reduce your emissions as much as you can by changing your own habits. This could mean, for example, preferring cycling or public transportation to using your car, reducing your electricity consumption at home, switching to a provider using a larger part of renewable energy in their offer, changing your consumption habits, etc. And, once you’ve done that to the extent possible;

3. Compensate. The rest, i.e. your unavoidable emissions, can be compensated (or “offset”) using UN Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs). By doing so, you will be investing in sustainable development projects taking place all around the world and you will help local communities reducing their carbon footprint. This allows you to compensate for the emissions you cannot reduce at the moment.

Once these three steps are completed, you have compensated your climate footprint and become climate neutral: wasn’t it easy to make that difference?

Should you require any assistance throughout this process, or have questions, please see our Resources section.