CCKIOSK Climate Talk Series Theme: Time for Action

05 December 2005




Waste diversion and the mitigation of climate change

Mr. Rod Muir
Waste Diversion Canada



Experience in the implementation of UNFCCC Article 6 in Turkey 
Turkey became a party to the UNFCCC on 24 May 2004. REC Turkey was established in 2004 as the newest country office of Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe. As of May 2005, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkey designated REC Turkey as the Turkish National Focal Point for UNFCCC Article 6 – Education, Training and Public Awareness.  The presentation will cover brief experience and lessons learned from the initial phase of the implementation of this task within the scope of a commitment of the UNFCCC.

Mr. Yunus Arikan
REC Turkey Climate Change Project Manager


17:00- 17:30

Climate action now ...Promoting the conservation and sustainable use of  biodiversity
A presentation outlining 1) what biodiversity is; 2) the impact of climate change on biodiversity; and 3) how biodiversity conservation can contribute to climate change adaptation and mitigation activities.

Dr. Manuel Guariguata
Environmental Affairs Officer
Scientific Technical and technological Matters
Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity


17:30- 18:00

Climate Insurance
Record losses from weather-related disasters in 2005 put climate insurance on the international agenda at this year’s global warming conference in Montreal. Countries worldwide seek solutions to the rapidly multiplying impacts of climate change. The decisive question today is not when we will have the ultimate proof for anthropogenic climate change--a small degree of uncertainty will remain for some time--but which strategies to follow to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Insurance-related mechanisms can be an effective part of adaptation strategies. The talk will highlight the major issues, opportunities and challenges, and concrete next steps for using insurance-related mechanisms to manage climate risks.

Prof. Dr. Peter Hoeppe
Head, Department of Geo Risks Research/Environmental Management
Munich Re


18:00- 18:30

Chicago Climate Exchange
The world’s first, legally binding multi-sectoral, rule-based and integrated greenhouse gas emission registry, reduction and trading system. CCX employs independent verification (performed by the NASD, the leading financial regulator in the United States), includes all six greenhouse gases, and has been trading greenhouse gas emission allowances since 2003.

Mr. Nathan Clark
Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)