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Climate Change: is there any solution?
Type: Programme
Geographical coverage: International
Country: India
Implementing Entity: World Community & World Leadership
Language: English
Cost: unspecified
The current problem of ‘climate change’ is due to GLOBAL WARMING which in turn is the result of our past discovery of ‘STEAM POWER’ and ‘FOSSIL FUELS’ at the advent of INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. At that time, the policy makers, scientists and engineers did not judge the fate and impact of that industrial revolution. UNIPCC2007 report has predicted dark future of the earth. The EARTH POLES will become more warmer which will result into rise in sea water level. In tropical regions desertification and drought will increase while in temperate regions more rainfall is expected. Thus, global cropping pattern will change and will result into fall in agriculture production. Dramatic collapse of Arctic sea ice, in recent years, is the sign of disaster to come much sooner due to this process, area of open water will increase and will result into Ocean Warming and Acidification. The main GHG responsible for climate change is carbon dioxide. The life time of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is more than 100 years. The high concentration of these gases trap more infra-red radiation and remitted back to earth’s surface resulting in global warming. Here are few suggestions, which needs urgent attention:

1. There should be a WORLD COMMISSION FOR SCIENCE AND DEVELOPMENT for promoting the researches and developmental works which have zero to low carbon emission.

2. There should a compulsory constitutional amendment to make ENVIRONMENTAL WAY OF LIFESTYLE a compulsory duty.

3. Our investment in R & D should be more on the forthcoming areas like solar, tidal, wind and water energies apart from on lowering carbon emission.

4. There should be a big role for N.G.Os. in implementing environment friendly plans & projects of government.

5. There should be effective AWARENESS programmes, at grass root level, to save the environment from degradation, like RED TAPE MOVEMENT [].

6. Carbon caping should not be the one way legislation programme against developing nations.

7. This should be the primary duty of DEVELOPED nations to provide financial help and green technology transfer to help DEVELOPING nations in phasing-out the fossil fuels. Recently, Dec. 2012, The European Commission and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) have each announced a €5 million contribution to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to help assist 25 developing countries around the world reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
8. Sustainable developments should be given priority. But recently it was reported by, on April 16, 2012, that sustainable management is not playing a good role in Rainforest areas as it is destroying Primary Rainforest. The portal says, \"Old forests are a vital part of the biosphere\'s ecological infrastructure – and have a prominent, central role in making the Earth habitable through their cycling of carbon, energy, water, and nutrients. Primary rainforests cannot be logged in an ecologically sustainable manner; once logged – selectively, certified, legally or not – for throw-away consumer crap, their primary nature is destroyed, and ecological composition and dynamics are lost forever\". So, on the name of Sustainable Management, no-one should be allowed to destroy Ancient forests.
The 2006 Stern Review concluded that to lessen the impact of Climate Change would cost the world around 1% of GDP per year while no action would cost between 5% and 20% of GDP per year and will adversely affect global economy. Immediate actions are MUST, to be taken. So, world leaders and community must take actions to control and stop Climate Change, because carbon emissions are rising rapidly.
Such steps are big BUT will be helpful in controlling GREEN HOUSE EFFECT and CLIMATE CHANGE.