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Information Pool
Guide: Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS)
Type: Handbook / Guide
Geographical coverage: International
Implementing Entity: FAO, ILO
Language: English
Cost: unspecified
Link: http://www.fao-ilo.org/?id=20904
The “Junior Farmer Field and Life School” (JFFL) programme, a collaboration between FAO and ILO, has trained over 25,000 rural youth in 20 countries since 2004. The objective is not only to provide vulnerable young people with livelihood options and ensure their long-term food security, but also to promote gender-equality by enabling youth to exercise the same responsibilities and developing their capacities to critically assess relationships. The strength of the JFFLS is its unique learning methodology and curriculum, which combines agricultural, life and entrepreneurship skills in an experiential and participatory learning approach uniquely suited to rural communities and low literacy levels.

The aim of this module on Climate Change is to provide Junior Farmer Field and life Schools (JFFLS) facilitators with information to enable them to discuss the topic of climate change, in particular its impact on agriculture and actions that farmers can undertake to reduce their vulnerability to climate change. Through a series of exercises, story-telling and discussions, climate change issues in relation to agriculture are highlighted. The module also helps the participants of the JFFlS to learn about agriculture’s role in climate change, the impacts of climate change on agriculture, and ways to reduce these impacts by applying relevant actions, methods and practices such as climate smart agriculture practices.
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11 Apr 2014,
excellent information