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Public Awareness

Many governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have already launched major public awareness programmes. But there are so many people to reach, and so many behaviours and decisions to influence, that there remains an enormous unmet need for more outreach. Creating a successful outreach programme that truly changes behaviour is not easy to do. To help communicators craft effective programmes, this section links to existing outreach programmes, messages, strategies and copyright-free texts and images that can be applied anywhere in the world.

Most recently added
Date added Title Description CC:iNet Status
08 Apr 2014 Indiginous Peoples Rights Land Territories Resources What does a changing climate have to do with Indigenous people? This recent publication by International Land Coalition sheds a light on how indigenous peoples are affected when it comes to cross-cutting issues such as women’s land rights, environmen... more>> Ongoing
07 Mar 2014 Case Study: Rural Women Light up their Villages in Fiji UN Women, together with Barefoot College, works closely with relevant national and local authorities on this initiative in Fiji. Read more in the attached pdf Completed
07 Mar 2014 WissensWerte: Welternährung (World Facts: World Food) Weltweit leiden heute 850 Millionen Menschen unter Hunger. Gleichzeitig werden 1,3 Milliarden Tonnen Lebensmittel jährlich verschwendet. Wie passt das zusammen? 1/3 aller produzierten Lebensmittel verderben bei Transport und Lagerung. Nach den we... more>> Completed
05 Mar 2014 Exposing Gender Gaps in Financing Climate Change Mitigation - and Proposing Solutions The relevance of gender issues is not well understood by many practitioners involved in climate change mitigation investments and financing mechanisms. Prevailing approaches to reducing emissions have prioritized scientific and technological measures... more>> Completed
04 Mar 2014 Gender and Climate Change Research in Agriculture and Food Security for Rural Development The purpose of this training guide is to promote the use of participatory approaches in carrying out gender-responsive and socially-sensitive climate change research and development in the agriculture and food security sectors. The guide focuses on r... more>> Ongoing
06 Mar 2014 Action4Climate Short Film Competition - Deadline: April 1 SHOW US WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE MEANS TO YOU! ACTION4CLIMATE video challenge invites young aspiring filmmakers to produce and submit a 1-12 minute video documentary telling a story about climate change. How is climate change impacting your community? ... more>> Ongoing
06 Mar 2014 Global Challenges Youth Actionpedia Engaging Global Youth in Climate Action - Innovative Information Management is the Key! We hear very often in United Nations context that Youth have great potentials, that Youth civic engagement is the key to sustainable development and climate pr... more>> Ongoing
05 Mar 2014 Ethiopian female pastoralists unite to fight climate change A lesson learnt from the Joint Programme (JP) "Enabling pastoral communities to adapt to climate change & restoring rangeland environments", funded by the MDG-Fund and implemented by FAO, UNDP and UNEP between 2009 and 2013. The JP targeted 17 pastor... more>> Completed
04 Mar 2014 Gender, Climate Change and Community Based Adaptation The Gender, Climate Change and Community Based Adaptation Guidebook presents a wealth of experiences and examples taken from the UNDP - GEF Community-Based Adaptation Programme that are being piloted throughout the world. The Guidebook will be useful... more>> Completed
04 Mar 2014 Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change Poor women's limited access to resources, restricted rights, limited mobility and muted voices in shaping decisions make them highly vulnerable to climate change. This resource guide aims to inform practitioners and policy makers of the linkages betw... more>> Completed
04 Mar 2014 Training module: Overview of linkages between gender and climate change In response to this challenge, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has developed a series of training modules and policy briefs on gender and climate change for a range of practitioners and policy makers in Africa. The themes covered in t... more>> Completed
04 Mar 2014 Training Manual on Gender and Climate Change In recent years, the main decision makers involved in climate change initiatives, programmes and policy development, have acknowledged that they don’t know enough about the links between gender equality and climate change. One of the primary challeng... more>> Completed
25 Feb 2014 Guidance note: How to develop a national climate change learning strategy More than 50 countries have expressed interest in developing a national climate change learning strategy. In response to this demand the UN CC:Learn Secretariat has released a Guidance Note which provides methodological and organizational suggestions... more>> Completed
25 Feb 2014 a One UN Introductory e-course on Climate Change This free self-paced e-learning course is now fully up and running, covering 6 modules including climate science, policy, adaptation, mitigation, finance and planning. The course has been produced by you. It is a One UN product that can and should be... more>> Ongoing
21 Feb 2014 Meat Atlas 2014 - Facts and Figures about the animals we eat This most recent publication sheds light on the impacts of meat and dairy production on our planet, our health and our future, and aims to catalyze the debate over the need for better, safer and more sustainable food and farming. The report comes ... more>> Completed

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