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Chagford Twins - The Quizling Question
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Teen Sci-Fi Adventure brings alive the Magic of Physics in a Climate-Changed World

As we reflect on the wettest year on record, a new ebook has been published with a unique combination of climate change and science fiction, which the author hopes will raise awareness about the planet’s biggest global challenge and at the same time inspire young adults to take up Physics.

The book features a boy, Ben and his sister, Trixie. Their adventure is set in the future, when many changes to the world’s climate, predicted today by scientists, have actually happened; schools and homes have had to adapt to weather extremes, failing power supplies and increased criminality, and across the world millions are displaced through flooding. Nevertheless, the book remains funny and uplifting; says Sue;

“This future world is seen through the eyes of the children and their friends, who were born into it – they just accept it as normal. Yes, the climate is different and there are consequences; but many innovations and ways of dealing with it appear in the book, too. Along the way, they develop their knowledge of what caused the climate to change which gives them the power to do something very special.”

Sue has run climate change business consultancy, Ems2, since 2003 and works for an innovative company helping to reduce carbon footprint in construction. Her interest in quantum physics and space dates back to her time working at Oxfordshire’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, where she was a computer programmer in the Space Science department. Dr David Price, a physicist working at Diamond Light Source, helped validate the science in the book.

“I wanted it to be science fact as well as science fiction – so needed to get those facts absolutely correct”, she said, “I would love young people who read the book to get into physics and invent some of our future climate mitigation and adaptation technology”.

Amazingly, Banbury-based Sue Priest, mum to two-year old twin girls, wrote the book, “Chagford Twins – The Quizling Question” before knowing she would have twins of her own.

And on 6th April, Sue will be running workshops at Science Oxford in St Clements, Oxford. The sessions “Science Fact or Science Fiction - behind the Quizling Question” are open to ages 7+. For more information about Science Oxford, visit

Download Chagford Twins – The Quizling Question on Amazon for Kindle for £1.02. The book is published under Sue’s maiden name of Davidson.
Anyone with an iPhone, Blackberry, laptop or PC can download a free Kindle viewer from the Amazon website if they wish to buy the book and do not own a Kindle. The book is suitable from 11+ years.