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18 March 2018 01:09

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15 Jul -
20 Jul 2013
Africa Agriculture Science Week 2013

6TH AFRICA AGRICULTURE SCIENCE WEEK AND FARA GENERAL ASSEMBLY Theme: Africa Feeding Africa through Agricultural Science and Innovation 15-20 July 2013

As the target date draws nearer for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), food and nutrition insecurity remain cardinal problems especially in Africa. Africa has a great potential to feed itself given that 60% of its arable land remains un-utilized and the remaining 40% bear crops with low yields. Of all possible topics that could have been considered at this time, the issue of home grown food security is at the top of the list. Hence in reflecting on a theme for the sixth edition of the Africa Agriculture Science Week, enhancing Africa’s capacity for agricultural innovation was at the front burner of discussions. The Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA) is collaborating with the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) to organize the 6th Africa Agriculture Science Week, a continental gathering of all stakeholders in Africa Agriculture to create an open space for networking and exchanging information and knowledge on agricultural innovations and on topical issues with a bearing on agriculture research and development. 1. Theme Africa Feeding Africa through Agricultural Science and Innovation 2. Sub-themes i. Education and human resource development to enable Africa feed Africa ii. Innovations to improve productivity and resilience iii. Moving beyond competition to collaboration. iv. Innovative Financing and Investment in Agriculture 3. Program i. 15-16 July 2013: OPEN SPACE (SIDE EVENTS) ON SUBTHEMES The open space sessions are independently organized by FARA constituents following the theme and sub-themes of the week and present opportunities for in-depth discussions on the sub-themes and specific priority topics. Each side event will elect a Chairperson, who with the help of the Facilitator, will be expected to summarize the recommendations of the session in writing for the final report, and to present the key recommendations of the session at Plenary. Each session has a unique design to maximize the contribution of participants who are free to choose which session (side-event) they want to attend. Some participants are specifically invited to attend particular sessions, based on their affiliation or involvement in particular initiatives. To organize side events register here ii. 15-20 July 2013: THE MARKETPLACE (EXHIBITIONS) This is a week-long exhibition of agricultural innovations by institutions in and outside Africa. The marketplace is designed to allow participants, including scientists, farmers, extension workers, NGOs, agribusiness, civil society and political bodies, to network and showcase promising innovations. It offers a forum where new partnerships can be forged, knowledge acquired and greater awareness created on how agricultural innovations can improve Africa’s agricultural productivity. For more information on shipment of exhibition materials see here iii. 17 July 2013: GHANA DAY / CAADP DAY a. Ghana Day Theme: One of the highlights of the week is the Ghana Agricultural Science Day, where Ghana will exhibit its agricultural innovations to raise awareness regarding the relevance and impact of agricultural research in alleviating poverty, promoting food security and protecting the environment. This is celebrated in half a day divided into two major activities, i.e., field trip and exhibitions. Field trip schedule will be shared at the registration. b. CAADP Day and Ministerial Round Table Theme: Investing in Africa feeding Africa The 2013 ‘CAADP Day’ is set to be an inclusive dialogue platform bringing together African political leaders, CAADP champions, farmers, civil society organizations, the private sector, think-tank institutions, representatives from the diaspora and the development partners. This year’s CAADP day will present an avenue for a Ministerial Round table with inputs from Parliamentarians present. iv. 18-20 July 2013: FARA GENERAL ASSEMBLY The General Assembly will review the recommendations coming from all the presentations and determine the way forward for the members of the Forum and / or the FARA Secretariat.The General Assembly is divided into two sessions, the Plenary and the Business Meeting. The Business meeting is by membership only. a. Plenary The first two days of the plenary meeting (open session) will be devoted to presentations on the outcomes/recommendations of the pre-plenary meetings. There will also be special presentations by invited speakers on various sub-themes and selected topics. Each sub-theme will have a keynote speaker. b. FARA Business Meeting The third day of the General Assembly will be devoted to the Business Meeting (which a closed session) to be attended by registered members only to: • Review and confirm FARA’s proposed program for the next three years, and the Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa; • Ratify changes to FARA’s Constitution and Governance Manual; • Elect a FARA Chairperson and a vice Chairperson for the next three years and; • Ratify the appointment of the new Executive Director of FARA and; • Approve the Executive Board of Directors of FARA for the next three years. The Business Meeting will also present an opportunity for the presentation of awards and conferment of fellowships and will conclude with the official closing ceremony of the AASW. See the full program here:http://www.fara-africa.org/media/uploads/fara_ga_2013/6th_aasw_program_18_june_version.pdf

Accra International Conference Centre, Accra, GhanaForum For Agricultural Research in Africa ( FARA)