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Accessing Funding for Adaptation - Adaptation Funding Portals and Additional Resources

The information on this page aims to provide assistance to adaptation practitioners in locating and obtaining funding for adaptation projects and programmes. The following four funding portals are highly accessible tools for disseminating information on existing funds for adaptation and provide a thorough coverage of the available funding sources. Additionally, the Financial Mechanism page contains information on the financial mechanism of the Convention and is regularly updated with current developments in climate finance. 

At its thirty-third session, the SBI requested the secretariat to develop user-friendly outputs and accessible forms of disseminating the information on accessing existing funds for adaptation in the context of the further implementation of Decision 1/CP.10 (see FCCC/SBI/2010/27, para 84).


Climate Finance Options addresses the need of developing countries for climate finance information. It is envisioned as the main website for information on climate finance, including finance for adaptation. It was developed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank Group in close cooperation with the UNFCCC secretariat.

It is the first platform which is used as a joint conduit of information on investment finance by a number of UN agencies and multilateral development banks. It also builds on an interactive community to share South - South experience and best practices. 

  • Funding Sources database contains information on funds which are available for both adaptation and mitigation projects. Users can search by focus area, sector and financing mechanism.
  • With the Advanced Search users can search funds by country and region, focus area, sector, financing mechanism, funding source and financing needs, as well as any combination of the above.
  • The Tools page houses links to instruments to assist project developers in analyzing prospective climate change projects.
  • The Library contains useful documents on climate project financing developed by the World Bank Group, UNDP, and other expert bodies.

Climate Funds Update provides information on the growing number of international funding initiatives designed to help developing countries address the challenges of climate change. The site aims to detail what type of activities the funds support and in what regions, the scale of the proposed funding, how the funds are being disbursed, and what has been achieved so far. It was developed by the Overseas Development Institute and the Heinrich Boell Foundation.
  • List of Funds contains extensive information on various multilateral and bilateral funding sources. Often links to the funds' websites are included, but contact information is not provided.


Eldis presents a dossier on climate change adaptation that provides a summary of current thinking on climate adaptation issues with access to relevant and up to date resources and publications for researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. It was developed as part of a family of knowledge services by the Institute of Development Studies.

  • Donor Organisations list provides a brief profile and contact information for donor organizations worldwide and funding sources for climate change adaptation
  • Country Profiles database contains country-by-country information on Aid & Debt, Climate Change Issues, and Donor Reports.


Terra Viva Grants Directory provides information about international grant funding for agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources in the developing world.  

  • Grant Maker Directory Search contains information on the primary interest and regional focus of over 400 international, government, foundation, corporate and civil society grant makers.
  • Grant Makers By Category allows users to locate further information on an identified Grant Maker, such as examples of recent grants, the grant maker's particular application procedure and the grant maker's website.
  • Links and Resources provides a particular selection of useful high-quality links to third-party sources of information for grant seekers.


Please direct any questions, comments or additional information to

UNFCCC Adaptation Funding Interface
The Adaptation Funding Interface provides information on adaptation funding options.
Additional Resources

Preparing and Presenting Proposals: UNFCCC Guidebook on Preparing Technology Transfer Projects for Financing                                A guidebook on preparing grant proposals for different fields, including adaptation.

UNDP Adaptation Toolkit
A step-by-step guide on how to develop adaptation programmes.

pdf-icon SEI Research Report: Adaptation Finance under a Copenhagen Agreed Outcome A detailed examination of the history and development of adaptation funding.