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Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP)



The Global Climate Adaptation Partnership (GCAP) is an international partnership of the world's leading climate and adaptation experts. We provide a broad range of climate-related services to both government and commercial clients including:
• Consultancy
• Knowledge Services / Management
• Training.

GCAP's distinctive approach is one which combines in-depth knowledge and access relevant climate data with strong operational and planning insight to meet the needs of clients.  GCAP is developing an expanding network of offices and affilieates for its Adaptation Academy, to implement knowledge management services and to provide adaptation consultancies.  GCAP is building capacity where demand for services is needed: in host organisations, vulnerable regions and among the distributed community of practice.

Action pledges:
GCAP is carrying on the work developed with the Oxford office of the Stockholm Environment Institute, notably on the economics of adaptation, developing practicable assessment methods and understanding the socio-institutional landscape of adaptation.

Action pledges 

Adaptation space and professional certification

Further information
Regional focus Africa and the Arab States
Asia and the Pacific
Caribbean and Central America
Least Developed Countries
North America
Small Island Developing States
South America
Sector Business
Education and training
Food security, agriculture, forestry and fisheries
Human health
Oceans and coastal areas
Science, assessment, monitoring and early warning
Terrestrial ecosystems
Transport, infrastructure and human settlements
Water resources
Adaptation delivery activity Capacity building
Climate-resilient development planning
Communications and awareness-raising
Disaster risk reduction
Knowledge management
Monitoring and evaluation
Pilot adaptation programmes/projects
Risk/vulnerability mapping
NWP work area Adaptation planning and practices
Climate modelling, scenarios and downscaling
Climate related risks and extreme events
Economic diversification
Methods and tools
Socio-economic information
Technologies for adaptation
Climate hazards Drought
Storms/tropical cyclones
Operational scale Community-based

Organizations, institutions and private sector companies at all levels and in a wide range of sectors can become engaged with the NWP by becoming a partner and making Action Pledges. Information about how organizations can become engaged with work on adaptation under the NWP can be found here.