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Adaptation knowledge platforms/networks

The interface below provides links to resources on adaptation practices maintained by Nairobi work programme partner organizations.

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NWP Partners' Resources
Adaptation Learning Mechanism (ALM)

Supports evolving efforts to integrate adaptation to climate change in develoment planning.

Features include guidance and good practices on adaptation and lessons learned, as contributed by practitioners from the field; 140 country profiles with country-specific adaptation information.

Global UNDP in partnership with the GEF, UNFCCC and the World Bank
AfricaAdapt knowledge sharing platform

A french-English bilingual network facilitating the flow of climate change adaptation knowledge for sustainable livehoods between researchers, policy makers, civil society organizations and local communities in Africa. Over 80% members based in Africa.

Nine grants awarded in 2009 supporting community based radio journalists to link global to local climate change adaptation issues at COP 15.

Africa IDS, in collaboration with ENDA, FARA, IGAD and ICPAC
Asian University Network for Environment and Disaster Management (AUEDM)

A network to share educational products, experience and practice for higher education; seek possibilities of mutual collaboration on field-based action research; to broaden the scope of education and learning in the environment and disaster management field through collaboration with stakeholders.

The network supports ongoing pilot projects and development of guidelines and basic principles for higher education.

Asia Kyoto University Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies
Community Based Adaptation Exchange (CBAX) An online resource bringing together over 400 members from 75 countries in the CBA community, for exchange of up-to-date information including news, events, case studies, tools policy resources and videos. Develping Countries IDS and IIED
Eldis Climate Change Resource Guide and online Climate Change Community, including ENDA Communities

Eldis is a central platform and resource for all IDS Knowledge Services on Climate Change including full summaries of over 400 adaptation projects; related research; and policy documents.

Interactive platform for sharing knowledge and information, dedicated to its core members, including small organizations, civil society and community based organizations.

Global. Africa IDS, ENDA
Exchange of experiences and information in the context of the Ibero American Programme for Adaptation to Climate Change (PIACC) Promoting a permanent dialogue on climate change for a better understanding of the priorities, needs and gaps in the region. This includes annual meetings, outreach materials, website, capacity-building and online training courses, compilation for a portfolio of adaptation projects, and assessment of adaptation measures and their effectiveness Ibero America RIOCC
Joto Afrika series

To develop and disseminate a series of printed briefings and online materials with practical information on how people are adapting to climate change in Africa.

pdf-icon First two issues released in 2009

Africa IDS in collaboration with Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN) and AfricaAdapt

An operational wetwork of groups working on various aspects of adaptation providing a platform to capture emerging experience and shape new, innovate and practical tools, and to build competence through learning-by-doing

Tools include:

  • Climate Change Explorer
  • wikiADAPT
  • The weADAPT Adaptation Layer in Google Earth
  • Adaptation Decision Explorer (ADx)
  • Water Evaluation and Planning (WEAP)
Global SEI

A knowledge and exchange platform informing adaptation practitioners by documenting adaptation experiences and providing space for exchange and peer-to-peer learning. provides resources and practical country cases on four priority topics: climate information and services, vulnerability assessment, monitoring and evaluation as well as mainstreaming of adaptation. A special feature is the webinar-based dicussion series, a format that systematically brings together adaptation practitioners and experience from around the globe for fruitful exchange on challenges and solutions.

 Global Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zumsammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH