Creating a Sustainable Events Industry

Developing and promoting sustainable practices in the event management industry.


The secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (the “Convention”), the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement (the “secretariat”) seeks to engage in mutually beneficial collaborative partnerships with non-Party stakeholders, including the private sector, that share the values and principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter, the Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, as well as internationally recognized principles concerning human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, as reflected in the United Nations Global Compact, and whose behavior demonstrates a willingness to exercise social and environmental responsibility towards global peaking of emissions and enhanced resilience.

The secretariat has adopted the UNFCCC secretariat guidelines for partnership (408 kB) (the “UNFCCC Guidelines”) and all partnerships entered into by the secretariat shall be subject to these Guidelines.

A partnership in the context of the UNFCCC Guidelines is understood as a voluntary and collaborative agreement between the secretariat and one or more partner entities in which participants agree to work together to achieve a common purpose or undertake a specific task, to contribute financial, in-kind and/or knowledge resources, and to share risks, responsibilities and benefits. The partnership is not for the purpose of establishing a commercial relationship or for commercial or private gain. Partnerships are non-exclusive and are open to multiple partners at any time.

The secretariat is considering entering into the partnership described in section II below with a specific entity but would like to offer the opportunity to other potential partners to submit a proposal for such a partnership. Based on the proposals received, the secretariat may decide on partnering with more than one partner for the implementation of such a partnership.

Opportunity for partnership with the UNFCCC secretariat

The intended partnership focuses on the promotion of sustainability and climate action in the events industry. It would implement the following activities:

  • Development of software to support the improvement of the sustainability of events (meetings, conferences, expos etc.), estimate its environmental footprint, compensate greenhouse gas emissions produced, and report on the overall sustainability-related results of the events;
  • Identification of best practices to reduce the environmental impact of events and meetings, including their climate footprint;
  • Identification and access to relevant databases to perform the calculations of environmental footprint of events;
  • Development of communication materials for outreach to events and meetings organizers, including but not limited to publications, websites, and videos;
  • Outreach to associations, private companies and other organizations in the event organization industry and their main clients to invite them to address their environmental impact, including compensation of unavoidable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions;


The software mentioned above would be available to the United Nations system organizations, in addition to external stakeholders to be agreed.

Scope of the intended partnership

The secretariat seeks to engage into a partnership to promote the environmental sustainability of events and meetings at global level, addressing in particular the climate impact of these activities and promoting the compensation of unavoidable GHG emissions.

The partnership may include in-kind and/or financial contributions to the secretariat in its effort to develop the required software and promote sustainability in events.

It is expected that this partnership would run for a period of 2 years, which may be renewed upon mutual agreement by the secretariat and the partner(s).

The secretariat hereby invites entities interested in entering into such a partnership with the secretariat to submit their proposal for partnership in accordance with Section IV below.

Submission of a proposal for partnership

In case of any questions about the proposed collaboration, prospective partners are encouraged to contact the secretariat by email at

Entities interested in entering into the described partnership with the secretariat should submit their proposal by e-mail to

The secretariat will review proposals for partnerships in accordance with section V below.

The secretariat reserves the right to decline any proposal.

In its proposal the entity should:

a. Clearly reference this call for proposal;

b. Indicate the scope, objectives and duration of the proposed partnership and, if applicable, the financial value of the entity’s contribution;

c. Address, to the extent possible and with supporting documentation, its capacity to enter into and implement the partnership (including proof of juridical personality1, proof of sound financial management and proof of technical capacities to carry out the partnership);

d. Address, to the extent possible and with supporting documentation, whether and how it meets each of the eligibility criteria set out in the annex to the UNFCCC Guidelines, indicating any relevant present and/or past activity or advocacy with regard to these criteria;

e. Confirm by a formal statement that it does not meet any of the exclusionary criteria set out in the annex to the UNFCCC Guidelines, indicating any relevant present and/or past activity or advocacy with regard to these criteria;

f. Include a statement of its intention to fully comply with the terms of a partnership agreement to be agreed with the secretariat, as outlined in the UNFCCC Guidelines 2 ;

g. Indicate any requirements regarding the use of the UNFCCC name and logo in accordance with paragraph 29 of the UNFCCC Guidelines.

1. E.g., certificate of incorporation/registration/establishment of the organization issued by a government authority in the country where the organization’s headquarters is located, certified articles of association, bylaws, statutes, or constitution detailing the mandate, scope and governing structure of the organization.
2. The specific requirements of a partnership agreement with the UNFCCC secretariat are outlined in paragraph 39 of the UNFCCC Guidelines.

Due diligence process and selection of partner

In selecting its partners, the secretariat shall respect the process of due diligence, set out in the annex to the UNFCCC Guidelines, which includes the application of eligibility and exclusionary criteria.

The prospective partner responding to this call for proposal shall therefore disclose to the secretariat all relevant information that will allow the secretariat to conduct due diligence. The treatment of the information is strictly confidential.

If, further to the due diligence process, the entity is deemed a suitable partner for the secretariat, and if, in accordance with the UNFCCC Guidelines, the entity’s proposal is selected for a partnership under this call for proposal, the secretariat will inform the entity accordingly and a partnership agreement will be concluded in writing in accordance with the UNFCCC Guidelines.