Partnership Benefits

Partnering with the UN Climate Change secretariat provides non-Party stakeholders with a unique opportunity to align their mission or brand proposition with the central authority on climate change policy.

Through partnership, organizations have a momentous opportunity to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement, the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol through various avenues. Partners can boost their deployment of sustainable solutions while showcasing themselves as global leaders in climate action. As well as this, working with UN Climate Change to support the climate conferences and related events provides partners with the following concrete benefits:

Credibility: UN Climate Change is recognised as the global authority on climate change monitoring, reporting, negotiations and international cooperation.

Track Record: UN Climate Change successfully supported and coordinated national governments in securing the Paris Agreement and already has a substantial list of world-renowned partnerships with innovative projects underway.

Access: We are the lead in climate policy events, bringing together major policy-makers, business leaders and influential community members from around the world.

Visibility: UN Climate Change reaches approximately 10 million people through its Newsroom, social media engagement and UN-wide coaction.