Status of Contributions as at December 31, 2018

To aid decision-making by Parties, the secretariat is committed to improving the clarity and transparency of the details of its financial situation. Additional information supporting the elements of the 2018–2019 proposed budget and contributions received for the Core Fund, the Trust Fund for Supplementary Activities and the Trust Fund for Participation in 2018 is therefore available on this page.

The data refers to contributions received as at December 31, 2018.

Core Fund

Trust Fund for Supplementary Activities

 Trust Fund for Participation

Core Budget 2018:

EUR 28.7 million

Funding Needs 2018-19:

USD 53.5 million

Additional requirements*: USD 15.7 million

Funding Needs 2018:

USD 5.6 million


Contributions received: 

EUR 23.2 million

Contributions received:

USD 28.1 million

Contributions received:

USD 6.1 million


* Additional requirements:

Supplementary funds required for the implementation of COP23 decisions: USD 5.3 million 

Supplementary funds revised/new requirements: USD 10.4 million