UNFCCC budget - Organization of conferences and meetings


Organization of conferences and meetings

Staff core capacity: 14 full-time equivalents*

*Supported by 6 full-time equivalents funded from supplementary resources and, during sessions, by staff from the UN Department of Safety and Security, the UN Department of General Assembly and Conference Management, reassigned UNFCCC staff as well as consultants and temporary staff (including local staff provided by host governments).

In accordance with the mandates in the Convention, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, the organization of conferences and meetings is an essential element of the work of the secretariat. It includes:

  • Annual sessions of the Conference of the Parties (COP, CMP, CMA) which are among the largest intergovernmental conferences globally, with as many as 30,000 participants, 2,500 meetings as well as 300 official side events and 200 exhibits during these sessions;

  • Biannual sessions of technical bodies (SBI, SBSTA, APA), with around 1,500 participants per session;

  • And around 80 meetings of Constituted Bodies, workshops and other events throughout the year, with 50-200 participants each.

Key services provided are:

  1. Cradle-to-grave logistics planning and provision of all facilities and conference services
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  2. Liaison with Parties, regional groups, diplomatic missions and UN entities on their participation

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  3. Managing high-level participation, including protocol arrangements for Heads of State and Government

  4. Managing the engagement of civil society organizations in the UNFCCC process;

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  5. Managing funding for participation and facilitating issuance of visas for participants

  6. Providing the full range of UN documents services, including editing, documents management and processing, reproduction and distribution

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Results of surveys conducted since 2014 show an overall satisfaction with the quality of conference services of near or above 90%, with an upward trend (97% of national and observer focal points rated the services as very good or good in 2016).