UNFCCC budget - country support: CB for NDCs

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Area of support: Capacity building for NDCs

The Secretariat supports countries by...  




Reference to 2018-2019 proposed budget 

Providing and/or facilitating technical support for implementation

Putting in place infrastructure to receive/process NDCs

Support through direct contacts with Parties

INDC portal

Interim NDC registry

Internal standard operational procedures

Internal technical documents on NDC operations

UNFCCC webpages and briefs

Almost universal submission of INDCs

Conversion of INDCs to NDCs

Submission of new or revised NDCs

Support to all countries with the NDC cycle

Recent support to Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, EU, France, Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, Suriname, USA, Uruguay, Senegal, Palestine, and others

About EUR 4.4 million are budgeted in total for NDCs support, primarily from supplementary funding sources (core budget to be used to maintain/enhance the infrastructure and to coordinate)

Facilitating the provision of financial and/or technological support

Direct advice to Parties

Direct advice to support agencies and their initiatives

Support through cooperation with existing initiatives (e.g. workshops)

Support through engagement with regional NDC dialogues (with UNDP)

Input to initiatives to support NDC implementation

Reports of workshops and regional dialogues

Communications material (e.g. NAMA registry)

NAMA news portal, UNFCCC webpages and briefs)

UN wide-vision on climate change and linkages to SDGs

Enhanced understanding of the NDC process by support agencies and initiatives

Enhanced targeting of support initiatives towards NDCs

Visibility of action and support

Recent cooperation with: UNEP, UNDP, GIZ, WRI, UNEP DTU and the GEF

NAMA registry to be supported (about EUR 125 thousand)

Enhancing coordination of action

Assistance in coordination of international support initiatives through the regional NDC dialogues

Support through engagement with NDC partnership (with WRI)

Support initiatives database

Targeted countries database

NDC partnership

Coordination of support provided by the governments of Germany, France, the EU, Japan, Australia and others

NDC partnership currently supporting Bangladesh, Burundi, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Kyrgyz Republic, Marshall Islands, Mali, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Sao Tome and Principe, Saint Lucia, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Zambia

Coordination/outreach activities to be supported (about EUR 131 thousand)

Promoting good practices and/or knowledge sharing


Training sessions and workshops on mitigation and mitigation measures

Development of technical materials 

Online seminars

Baselines compendium

NAMA implementation guidelines

INDC and NDC technical material (in cooperation with UNDP)

NDC knowledge portal

Webinar series on NDCs and the Paris Agreement

Recent online seminars on long term strategies: US, EU and Mexico

NDC seminars: Saint Lucia and, upcoming, Brazil, EU and others

NDC registry and NDC knowledge portal to be supported (about EUR 546 thousand)

Engaging and mobilizing key actors

Promotion of South-South cooperation (with climate change team of the UNSG)

High-Level Forum on South-South Cooperation on Climate Change

UN report on South-South cooperation

South-South Cooperation workshop (upcoming)

Currently working with China, Chile, Brazil, South Korea, Singapore, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and South Africa

Coordination/outreach activities to be supported (about EUR 131 thousand)