Approach to the Secretariat's programmes factsheets

The factsheets provide a succinct description of key activities undertaken by the secretariat's programmes, including major outputs and indicative staff resources allocated to areas of work.

The information, based on figures available for 2016, aims to facilitate understanding of the work of the secretariat and inform deliberations by Parties on the proposed UNFCCC budget 2018-19.

Annual outputs

  • Annual outputs indicate the total number of major products and/or activities that a programme delivered in 2016, i.e.:

    • Agenda items supported - agenda and sub-agenda items of the COP, CMP, CMA, APA, SBI and SBSTA supported by programme staff;

    • Web sites/portals - thematic areas in the UNFCCC web site and web-portals;

    • Documents - official documents and informal documents such as draft decision texts, reflection notes, scenario notes;

    • Meetings/Events - meetings of the constituted bodies; workshops; technical and expert meetings; fora/expositions; side/special events; and training events.

Key areas of work

  • This section provides a succinct description of key areas of work under the responsibility of the programme. The programme factsheets do not reflect any prioritization of the areas of work.


  • The factsheet provides the total number of programme staff in relation to the total number of staff in the secretariat, including a breakdown into staff funded from core and staff funded from supplementary resources.

Allocation of staff resources

  • Indicative figures are provided on the number of staff allocated to relevant tasks. For comparison purposes, the allocation of staff resources is provided in relation to generic tasks applicable to most programmes.

  • Further, the information is broken down into staffing funded from the core budget and from supplementary resources, distinguished by shades of the same color - a darker shade for staff funded from the core budget and a lighter shade of the same color for staff funded from supplementary resources.

  • Staff figures are provided as full-time equivalences.