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Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN)

About the CTCNCTCN Advisory Board
Established by COP 16, the CTCN facilitates the transfer of technologies through three core services :

+ Providing technical assistance at the request of developing countries to accelerate the transfer of climate technologies
+ Creating access to information and knowledge on climate technologies
+ Fostering collaboration among climate technology stakeholders via the Centre’s network of regional and sectoral experts from academia, the private sector, and public and research institutions

COP 18 selected UNEP, as the leader of a consortium of partner organizations, as the host of the Climate Technology Centre.
The CTCN is accountable to and under the guidance of the COP through the CTCN Advisory Board. COP 19 adopted the CTCN's modalities and procedures and the Advisory Board's rules of procedures.

The CTCN Advisory Board meets at least twice per year and is supported by the CTCN.

+ Meetings of the Advisory Board

+ Election of Advisory Board members

CTCN websiteNational designated entities
The CTCN website provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the CTCN's core services, including on how to submit a request for technical assistance. Click on the image to go to the CTCN website:

National designated entities (NDEs) serve as entities for climate technology action and are focal points for interacting with the CTCN. Developing country NDEs are able to submit requests for technical assistance, on behalf of their country, to the CTCN. 

The COP has invited Parties to nominate their NDEs. Click on the map to view a list of nominated NDEs: