Technology Executive Committee

Strengthening climate technology policies

Members of the Technology Executive Committee

The Technology Executive Committee (TEC) consists of 20 experts representing both developed and developing countries. The members serve in their personal capacity and come from the following regions:

9 members from Annex I Parties 
3 members from each of Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean 
1 member from a small island developing state
1 member from a least developed country

Each year, the TEC elects a chair and a vice-chair from among its members. One comes from an Annex I Party and the other from a non-Annex I Party. 

TEC Members 2017

Mr. Ayele Anabo
Non-Annex I / Africa

Mr. Robert Berloznik
Annex I

Mr. Pedro Borges
Non-Annex I /  Latin America and the Caribbean

Mr. Birama Diarra
Non-Annex I / Africa

Ms. Gabriela Fischerova
Annex I

Ms. Stella Gama
Non-Annex I / Least developed countries

Mr. Jürg Grütter*
Annex I

Mr. Mareer Mohamed Husny
Non-Annex I / Asia-Pacific

Mr. Kazem Kashefi
Non-Annex I / Asia-Pacific

Mr. Ian Lloyd
United States of America
Annex I

Ms. Elfriede A. More
Annex I

Mr. Naoki Mori
Annex I

Ms. Duduzile Nhlengethwa (Vice-Chair)
Non-Annex I / Africa

Ms. Claudia Octaviano
Non-Annex I / Latin America and the Caribbean

Mr. Michael Rantil (Chair)
Annex I

Mr. Hugh Sealy
Non-Annex I / Small island developing states

Ms. Viktoriia Shtets
Annex I

Mr. Changmo Sung
Republic of Korea
Non-Annex I / Asia-Pacific

Mr. Stig Svenningsen
Annex I 

Ms. Adelle Thomas
Non-Annex I / Latin America and the Caribbean

*Current officer remains in office until his successor is nominated from the respective regional group/constituency. The membership chart of Convention and Kyoto Protocol bodies can be found here.

Task forces

The TEC establishes internal task forces to support the implementation of its rolling workplan. The task forces consist of TEC members and may include stakeholder representatives from: business and industry non-governmental organizations (BINGO); environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGO); research-oriented and independent organizations non-governmental organizations; and international governmental organisations (IGO). Below is the composition and membership of the TEC task forces, as of 28 June 2016.

TEC members
Mr. Ian Lloyd, Mr. Michael Rantil, Ms. Claudia Alejandra Octaviano Villasana, Mr. Hugh Sealy, Mr. Kashefi Kazem, Mr. Robert Berloznik, Mr. Ayele Anabo

Observer organizations
BINGO: Ms. Jing Ding – China Chamber of International Commerce
ENGO: Ms. Kelly Stone – ActionAid
RINGO: Mr. Stephen Minas – King's College London
IGO: Mr. Roland Roesch - International Renewable Energy Agency