Industrial Energy and Material Efficiency

The Technology Executive Committee  acknowledges the key role industrial energy efficiency can play in combating climate change. To learn more about the committee's work in this area, read the documents found below:

TEC Brief 11: industrial energy and material efficiency 

The committee is proud to announce the publication of a new TEC Brief titled “Industrial Energy and Material Efficiency in Emission-Intensive Sectors”. This policy brief outlines challenges and needs, presents best practices and lessons learned, and provides recommendations for further action for energy and material efficiency improvements in industry. Download the brief here or read online below:

Executive Summaries

Executive summaries offer a general outline of the committee's messages on industrial energy and material efficiency. The messages have been tailored to present the essential information for each othe the four target groups on a single page. Each of the summaries can be downloaded or read below:

o  Financial Institutions
Industry Actors
o  International Organizations
o  Domestic Policy Makers

Technical Paper

The Technology Executive Committee is proud to announce the publication of a technical paper titled “Industrial Energy Efficiency and Material Substitution in Carbon-Intensive Sectors”. Download the paper here or read online below:


For the committee's latest policy recommendatiosn on technological innovation click here.

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