Workshop on South-South and Technological Cooperation for Climate Action and Sustainable Development

With entry into force of the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC, countries move progressively towards getting ready for its effective implementation. In the meantime, the United Nations system and United Nations Member States seek to put in place more integrated and coherent approaches towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the goals of the Paris Agreement. In the context of supporting developing countries’ nationally-determined actions to address climate change and achieve sustainable development, the role of South-South and Triangular cooperation becomes more important. Yet, the opportunities offered by these types of cooperation remain to be fully exploited. South-South cooperation, including technological cooperation for climate adaptation and mitigation activities, plays a key complementary role to that of North-South cooperation in ensuring that resources, skills, and capacities provided and developed to enable developing countries to achieve their sustainable development goals and implement the Paris Agreement.


The objective of this meeting is to engage relevant stakeholders of developing countries in the Asia Pacific region to:

1-  Enhance the understanding and the awareness of the potential of South-south cooperation and Triangular cooperation in the region;

2-  Gain insight on how to make full use of the critical and complementary role of South-South cooperation and Triangular cooperation to overcome shared challenges and accelerate progress towards sustainable development and implementation of the Paris Agreement;

3-  Provide space for exchange experiences among countries with a view to initiating or scaling up South-South cooperation initiatives.

The meeting will present success stories of South-South and Triangular cooperation, including technological cooperation, discuss relevant lessons learned and potential for replicability, and explore concrete and practical ways forward to enhance South-south and Triangular cooperation to combat climate change and to achieve sustainable development.