COP 23 SIDE EVENT ON Technology needs assessments
supporting the implementation of technology action plans

NOVEMBER 11, 2017  |  13:15 - 14:45  | Meeting Room 9 (100), Bonn Zone (Rheinaue Park), Bonn, Germany

The side event will highlight success stories in implementing technology action plans and technology needs assessments by developing countries to support the implementation of the Paris Agreement. Such countries will present their experiences and lessons learned in conducting these assessments and implementing the action plans. Furthermore, at the event representatives of the financial community and governments will be invited to share their experiences in supporting environmentally sound projects in developing countries.

The results of technology needs assessments may include national strategies, policies, programmes, and technology-inclusive adaptation and mitigation projects. The results may also link with nationally determined contributions and other processes under the Convention such as national adaptation plans. 

The side event will:

  • Discuss, based on the Paris Agreement, possible roles of technology needs assessments and technology action plans in supporting the implementation of the Agreement.
  • Present the latest developments of, and lessons learned from the global technology needs assessment project. The project is supported by the Global Environment Facility and UN Environment.
  • Showcase the role of technology needs assessments in supporting the development and implementation of nationally determined contributions and national adaptation plans.
  • Highlight concrete examples of implemented technology action plans under the global technology needs assessment project.
  • Financial communities and governments will share their project support experiences 

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