Thematic dialogue on research, development and demonstration of environmentally sound technologies

During the 6th meeting of the Technology Executive Committee, a thematic dialogue on RD&D of environmentally sound technologies was held on 27 June 2013 (14.00-18.00 local Bonn time). Observers not physically present in the room were invited to participate virtually with the help of live webcast and Twitter.
In particular, the thematic dialogue aimed to address the following questions:

  1. Which cooperative RD&D structures (bilateral, multilateral) do currently exist in which areas and what good practices and lessons can be learned from them?
  2. What role do the public and private sectors play in cooperative RD&D and what is the impact? How can the effectiveness be improved? How can cooperation be enhanced?
  3. What could be the role of the Technology Mechanism in enhancing and improving cooperative RD&D activities under north-south, south-south and other schemes?
  • Viewers participated via Twitter by following the hashtag #climatetech to keep track of the conversation and using the same hashtag in their posts to make comments.  To ask the thematic dialogue panel of experts a question or leave a comment, during the event viewers sent their questions or comments to @UN_climatetalks. The entire event was available on webcast.