AWG-LCA Expert workshop on the Technology Mechanism

Expert workshop on the Technology Mechanism, as requested by decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 129. Workshop held on 4 to 5 April 2011.

Report by the Chair of the workshop:


Mr. Bruce Wilson, Chair of EGTT for 2010

Mr. Jonathan Pershing, United States of America

Mr. Ajay MathurIndia

Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow, European Union

Ambassador Pablo Solon, Bolivia

H.E. Ms. Louise Hand, Australia

Dr. Al Binger, Alliance of Small Island States

Dr. Ainun Nishat, Bangladesh

Mr. Jun Arima, Japan

Mr. Emile Frison, CGIAR

Mr. Mark Radka, UNEP

Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow, European Union

Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow, European Union

Mr. Can Wang, China

Dr. Carola Borja, Ecuador

Mr. Azwimpheleli Mac Makwarela, South Africa