UNFCCC expert workshop on technology information Beijing, Peoples Republic of China

Tsinghua University, 18–19 April 2002


By its decision 4/CP.7, the Conference of the Parties requested the secretariat to organize an expert workshop on technology information, including options for the establishment of an information clearing house and enhancement of information centres and networks, and to further define the user needs, criteria for quality control, technical specifications and the role and contribution of the Parties and to make recommendations to the SBSTA for further consideration at its sixteenth session.

At its fifteenth session, the SBSTA invited the Parties and relevant international organizations to register and test the prototype system and to submit their views to the secretariat by 15 February 2002 on: the technical paper FCCC/TP/2001/2; the issues identified in the annex to document FCCC/SBSTA/2001/4; the roles of Parties in supporting the technology information system; and any feedback on testing the system. It further requested the secretariat to continue its work on the technology information system, drawing on links between its work and the work of existing institutions and networks, in particular, information relating to adaptation technologies; and to explore the feasibility of including information on private and publicly-owned technologies, joint research and development programmes, examples of success stories and case studies on technology transfer.

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The objectives of expert workshop were to identify and elaborate possible options for establishment of a technology information clearing house and enhancement of technology information networks. In addition, the workshop also reviewed the feedback from Parties on testing TT:CLEAR, and further defined users needs of information, criteria for information quality control, technical specifications of the clearing house and roles and contributions of Parties.



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