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Ratification status

Climate Change Convention
   Date of signature:
   Date of ratification:24 February 2004
   Date of entry into force:24 May 2004
Kyoto Protocol
   Date of signature:
   Date of ratification:28 May 2009
   Date of entry into force:26 August 2009


Ministry of Environment & Forestry

Relevant documents Relevant CP or CMP decision(s)Relevant CP or CMP conclusion(s)Other relevant information
  26/CP.7 UN HQ Notification

National reporting

National communications Annex I Non-Annex I
In-depth reviews IDR 1 IDR 2 IDR 3 IDR 4
  summary summary summary summary
Other materials
 Demonstrable progress report
 National Adaptation Programme of Action
 National Action Plan
 GCOS report

National focal points

Country Person Ministry/Organization Address Phone Fax Email Direct phone Direct fax Direct email
Turkey  Mr. Mehrali Ecer, Head of Department  Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation   Ehlibeyt mah. Ceyhun Atuf Kansu cad. 1271. sok. No:13 Ankara   (90-312) 586 3052  +90 312 474 0318  (90-312) 586 3042  (90-312) 207-6446