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Ratification status

Climate Change Convention
   Date of signature:11 June 1992
   Date of ratification:25 July 1995
   Date of entry into force:23 October 1995
Kyoto Protocol
   Date of signature:23 October 1998
   Date of ratification:30 September 2004
   Date of entry into force:16 February 2005


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National reporting

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National focal points

Country Person Ministry/Organization Address Phone Fax Email Direct phone Direct fax Direct email
Niger  Mr. Kamaye Maazou, Executive Secretary of CNEDD  Conseil national de l'Environnement pour un Développement Durable (CNEDD)   B.P. 10193 Niamey   (227)72-2981/2559  (227)72-2581/73-5859  (227) 207-22559