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Ratification status

Climate Change Convention
   Date of signature:12 June 1992
   Date of ratification:27 October 1995
   Date of entry into force:25 January 1996
Kyoto Protocol
   Date of signature:
   Date of ratification:18 November 2005
   Date of entry into force:16 February 2005


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National reporting

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Other materials
 Demonstrable progress report
 National Adaptation Programme of Action
 National Action Plan
 GCOS report

National focal points

Country Person Ministry/Organization Address Phone Fax Email Direct phone Direct fax Direct email
Guinea-Bissau  Mr. Viriato Luis Soares Cassama, General Director/ UNFCCC Point Focal    Bairro Santa Luiza, Antiga QG Bissau   (245) 20-3264  (245) 20-1567 / 1753  (245) 955 78 4046