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Meeting of the Expert Group on Technology Transfer (EGTT)

The overall objective of this second meeting was to develop the terms of reference for a strategy paper on facilitating the development, deployment, diffusion and transfer of technologies under the Convention beyond 2012. This includes sectoral approaches.

In their deliberations, the members considered relevant ideas from the AWG-LCA session in Bangkok. They considered a draft scoping paper for framing their discussion, as well as terms of reference (TOR) as prepared by the secretariat based on their submissions after Bangkok. Agreement was reeached on the TOR for developing this strategy paper.

The group took note of the status of work with regard to a number of key tasks, including its work on performance indicators and financial resources

UNDP presented a draft version of the TOR for updating the handbook on conducting technical needs assessments. Inputs to this TOR were provided by the group. 

Members of the group saw the need to organize two more EGTT meetings prior to Poznan. In this regard, the secretariat was requested to organize one EGTT meeting on 28-29 August in Accra (in conjunction with AWG-LCA 3), and another one in Dublin from 20-23 October. The meeting in Dublin is meant to replace the one in Poznan.