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UNFCCC budget 2018-2019
Patricia Espinosa

Patricia Espinosa, the Executive Secretary of the Climate Change Secretariat, has presented to Parties the proposed UNFCCC budget for the biennium 2018-2019.

SBI 46 considered the proposal and recommended a budget for approval by COP 23 and CMP 13. The recommended COP and CMP decisions are available in document pdf-icon FCCC/SBI/2017/7/Add.1 on pages 3 and 15 respectively.

In-depth information

The UNFCCC secretariat services the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, its Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

Over 20 years of progress in the UNFCCC process have generated substantial mandates shaping the functions of the secretariat as well as the type and nature of services provided to Parties and stakeholders. The implementation of those mandates requires a considerable scale of operations.

Click on the windows below to see an overview of the operations of the secretariat and information on the secretariat’s programmes, including key activities, outputs and staff resource allocation.


Thematic backgrounder

In an effort to facilitate better understanding of the proposed budget, the secretariat makes available background information and other supporting material on key areas of work:

pdf-icon Backgrounder on country support (351 kB) containing information on:

Backgrounder on support to the intergovernmental process  

pdf-icon Backgrounder on constituted bodies (432 kB)

Backgrounder on organization of conferences and meetings 

Backgrounder on action agenda

* Version of 10 May 2017

Building the budget together

The Executive Secretary and other senior staff will be actively reaching out to Parties and Groups to provide more information - and respond to questions - and secure feedback in the lead up to the formal consideration of the proposed budget.

What's new

The secretariat invites Parties to visit this page regularly.

Further information
Link to page on Administrative and Financial Matters under Parties and Observer States section.

Link to information on the technical workshop on ways to increase the efficiency and transparency of the budget process to be held in the margins of SBI 47.