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 Image The UNFCCC secretariat has partered with CAF - Development Bank of Latin America to establish a RCC in Panama City.  The centre will provide support to countries in Latin America to help them with the implementation of the Paris Agreement while continuing to focus on work related to sustainable development through the CDM.
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      Strengthening collaboration with UNDP Panama for 2018

City of Knowledge, Panama City, Panama) on 1 February 2018, an important meeting  took  place between UNDP Panama and representatives of the Regional Collaboration (RCC) Panama. 

The purpose of the meeting was to identify synergies and opportunities moving towards a convergent strategy on climate action. "Our alliance is key for Panama to comply with Sustainable Development Goal 13 to adopt urgent measures to combat climate change and its effects," said the United nations Development Program (UNDP), Mr Harold Robinson Davis.

 The two organizations agreed to work together in the next months on areas related to Monitoring, Reporting and Verification Systems for energy efficiency programs, climate change impact studies in the Panama Canal, support on GCF proposals and to jointly participate on inter-agency activities under "The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF)" which is a UN system framework that provides an overview of key UN activities at country level having the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with sustainable development goals at their core, ensuring coordination, coherence, effectiveness and efficiency for maximum impact, this will give the RCC the opportunity to expand its collaboration with the UN country agencies.

The meeting was attended by the United Nations Resident Coordinator and Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Harold Robinson Davis, and the UNDP Environment Program Officer, Jessica Young. On behalf og  the RCC, our very own Vintura Silva, Carlos Ruiz Garvia and Daniel Galvan attended.

Additional information: UNDP Panama facebook webpage

Strengthening of energy policies in the transport sector


(19 and 20 September 2017, Lima, Peru) To contribute to the strengthening of the transportation components of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) in the countries of the Latin-American region, it will be necessary to decarbonize the transport sector; one of the main strategies to tackle this is to improve the energy efficiency of vehicles. Governments already have multiple tools to implement sustainable public transport, such as economic and regulatory instruments, however, they still need to deal with technological and cultural barriers which is why this workshop was so important.

For this reason, the "Low Emission Development Strategy Latin American and Caribbean Platform (LEDsLAC)", the "World Resources Institute (WRI)", and the Regional Collaboration Center UNFCCC_CAF development bank of Latin America ("RCC Panama"), organized the Expert Workshop "Strengthening energy efficiency policies in the transport sector", which took place September 19 and 20 in the city of Lima, Peru, with the financial support of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

RCC Panama had the opportunity to present CDM experiences, methodologies and tools and interact with country representatives that are responsible for NAMA projects and policy implementation. CDM methodologies and tools related to the transport sector were highlighted as important tools for the MRV system component of the national transportation plans and RCC Panama is providing continuous support to these countries.

Apart from how sustainable transport sector projects and policies can support the long term goals of the Paris Agreement, the workshop also included a session on gender equity. The initiative "Lima como vamos" presented the results of the 2016 study on the quality of the transportation sector which also included gender equity. For example, it highlighted that women in Peru walk and use public transportation more than men. Further statistics can be found pdf-icon here (in Spanish, but with easy to understand images.

Promoting climate action on the ground in Latin America - Regional Collaboration Centre established in Panama City


31 March 2017 - The Regional Collaboration Centre in Panama City, to be operated by the UNFCCC secretariat in partnership with CAF, opened today. The centre will strengthen support given to countries in Latin America to help them with the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and has moved to Panama City from its previous location in Bogota.Read more >>
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Information about the Latin America and Caribbean Carbon Forum will be posted later in 2017!

Look out for resources to be posted here over the coming months!


RCC Panama newsletters:

pdf-icon 2017 Newsletter (560 kB)

As of 31 March 2017, RCC Panama replaced RCC Bogota. For information on RCC Bogota, see here. For resources prior to 2016, please see here.  

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