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Sub-regional dialogue on the MRV framework West Africa

Sub-regional dialogue on the MRV framework West Africa

4 - 6 October 2016, Lomé, Africa

pdf-icon Agenda (492 kB)

 Day 1 - Tuesday, 4 October 2016
Session 2 - Setting the scene pdf-icon Climate status and trends on energy: Overview of the ECOWAS region
(2724 kB) Mr. John Yeboah, ECREEE

pdf-icon Etat et tendances du climat et impacts sur le secteur AFOLU en Afrique de l’ouest (2282 kB)

Mr. Maguette Kaire, Centre Régional AGRHYMET Niamey, Niger


pdf-icon MRV for developing country Parties: an overview (474 kB)


  pdf-icon Overview of the Paris Outcome: transparency of action and support (333 kB)
Jigme, UNFCCC 
Session 3 - Successful experience in the region and regional support available Lessons learnt and best practices on MRV

pdf-icon Système MRV du Senegal (490 kB)
Babcar Sarr, Senegal

  pdf-icon Ghana National MRV set-up  - “Climate ambition reporting program – CARP” (2112 kB)
Daniel Benefoh, Ghana's EPA
Session 4 - Two key components of any MRV process: Institutional arrangements and greenhouse gas inventories pdf-icon Atelier d'echange sous-régional ouest africain sur le care MRV (626 kB)
Mamoutou Sanogi
  pdf-icon Observeration and lessons with the use of IPCC software (157 kB)
Daneil Benefoh, Ghana
  pdf-icon Establishing and maintaining institutional arrangements for preparing NCs and BURs (225 kB)
Andrea Camponogara, UNFCCC 
  pdf-icon Partage d’expériences en matière d’arrangements institutionnels existants au Togo pour la gestion des IGES lors de TCN (60 kB)
Komlan Edou, Togo