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Nairobi Framework Partnership Events

Previous Events 2016



 Location / Region

28-29 Jan 2016  First 2016 meeting of NFP partners Copenhagen, Denmark
15 Feb 2016 Asia Pacific Regional Workshop on Integrating Market Mechanisms to the Implementation of INDCs Bangkok, Thailand
30 Mar 2016 3rd CITC Regional Conference on Climate Change and Sustainable Development: “How to Accelerate Climate Actions in Asia through Capacity Building and Climate Finance Bangkok, Thailand
17 Mar 2016 Regional expert meeting - Climate Change and enhanced Renewable Energy Development in East and Southern Africa Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Apr-May 2016 Survey on implementation of NDCs Global
1 Apr 2016 Enhancing the enabling environment for private sector investments in the country's renewable energy sector (Mozambique)  Mozambique
26-27 May 2016 Second 2016 meeting of NFP partners Cologne, Germany
1 Jun 2016 Webinar on financing opportunities for CDM projects in Latin America and the Caribbean Global
9 Jun 2016 Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement Asia-Pacific
13-14 Jun 2016 UNDP Global workshop on NDCs Brussels, Belgium

16-17 Jun;

20-21Jun; 23-24 Jun 2016

Mitigation training for the Caribbean Grenada, Saint Lucia, Suriname and Saint. Vincent and the Grenadines
23 Jun 2016 Green Mini-Grid Market Development Programme Africa

27 Jun 2016

Third NFP coordination meeting

Kigali, Rwanda

27 Jun 2016 Africa LEDS Partnership Annual Event Kigali, Rwanda

27-29 Jun 2016 

Asia LEDS Forum 2016: Mobilizing Finance for Implementing Priority Actions - An Asia LEDS Partnership Event

Hanoi, Viet Nam
28-30 Jun 2016 Africa Carbon Forum Kigali, Rwanda
1 Jul 2016 Enhancing Climate finance readiness capacities and improving decision making through the use of country climate change profiles in Africa Africa
12 Jul 2016 RCC St. George's: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement St. George's, Grenada
14Jul 2016 RCC Bogotá,: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement Bogotá, Colombia(CAF offices)
18Jul 2016 RCC Kampala: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement

Entebbe, Uganda (Protea Hotel)

22 Jul 2016 RCC Lomé: Regional Expert Panels on Article 6 Instruments from the Paris Agreement Lomé, Togo
(BOAD headquarter)
5-7 Sep 2016 Asia Pacific Carbon Forum Jeju island, Republic of Korea 
26-28 Sep 2016 LEDS LAC Annual Meeting Panama City, Panama
28-30 Sep 2016 Latin American Carbon Forum Panama City, Panama
11 Oct 2016 Expert meeting on climate change and trade    Global
5-6 Nov 2016 Global DNA Forum Marrakech,  Morocco

Ongoing Events 2016



Location / Region

Jan 2015-Oct 2016 Support to NAMAs Latin America
Jan-Nov 2016 Support to Morocco to host COP22 Africa
Jan 2016-Dec 2017 Financing implementation of NDCs Latin America
Apr 2016-Mar 2017 Support for calculation of an emission factor for electricity systems Asia-Pacific
Apr 2016-Mar 2017 IGES INDCs and Market Mechanisms Database and Online Map Global
Jul-Aug 2016 Asia Carbon Forum Asia-Pacific
Jul-Dec 2016 Low Carbon Development Support Initiative Asia-Pacific
Jul-Dec 2016 West African Network on Greenhouse Gas Inventories West Africa
Aug 2016 and Feb 2017 Update of CDM-related data base Global
Ongoing ADMIRE Global


Climate Finance Support Initiative (CFSI) Global
Ongoing Initiative for Climate Action and Transparency(ICAT) Global


Mauritius Low Carbon Development Global


NDC Technical Assistance Global

Jan 2017

Publication of "CDM in CHARTS" Global


Africa Renewable Energy Initiative